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Speed up your slow computer with a computer tune-up. Remove popups, remove viruses, fix error messages and more.

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Call Us to discuss your computer problem for free! We will recommend the appropriate solution and work with you to solve the problem immediately!

Fix your computer problem RIGHT NOW with our Per-Incident Support, or keep your computer running great all year long with one of our Annual Plans. We are based in the USA and here to fix your computer problem whenever you need us! Call Us anytime!

Common issues that we can fix:
  • Speed Up Slow Computers
  • Popup Removal
  • Fix Error Messages
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Software Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Networking Setup and Configuration
  • Driver Installations/Updates
  • Software Installation
  • Data Backup & Configuration
  • Peripheral Installation and Training (printers, cameras, etc.)
  • Printer Troubleshooting and Setup
  • E-mail Troubleshooting and Configuration

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"Call Us has saved me so much time and headache with my computer, thank you!"
- Shirley

"I am not very computer literate and you guys make it so I don't have to be."
- Joseph

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Quick PC Tune-upIs your PC running slow? We will speed it up right now, guaranteed!
Complete PC Tune-up The same great service as our "Quick PC Tune-up" but with a more in-depth cleansing of your PC.
Virus & Spyware RemovalIncludes our "Complete PC Tune-UP" and we also thoroughly clean your pc using several of the latest virus protection programs. We leave these programs on your computer for you to use anytime. Great for stubborn popups or error messages.
Printer HelpExperiencing printer issues? Need a new printer installed? We can help quickly setup and configure your new printer or get your old printer running again
Wireless Network SetupSetup and configure a new wireless network or troubleshoot your existing wireless network. This includes making sure your network is secure from unauthorized access.
Complete PC BackupA complete backup solution, unlike popular online backup services. We give you the necessary hardware to backup your entire hard drive. In the event of hard drive failure, simply purchase a new drive and copy your operating system and ALL programs over. Your PC will be exactly the same as before the crash with ALL of your data intact.
Software Install and SetupGet that important piece of software up and running on your computer with this software installation service. We will install and/or repair, configure and update 1 software title and add convenient desktop, start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts for quick and easy access. Software not included.
Email Setup and/or TroubleshootingGet your e-mail up and running on your computer. We will setup or repair your email access. Software not included.

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